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Expanding Group - The Merrymeeting Bay Pioneers Project was initiated by four individuals, but this is not a static number.

We have already enlisted the assistance of several other individuals and we are always interested in hearing from other motivated and knowledgeable people who would like to pool their talents with ours and join our project, either in a consulting capacity or as full, active participants in the group.

All of the four initiators live on or near Merrymeeting Bay, and bring high-level expertise in archaeology, history, and related skills and disciplines to the project.

Click HERE to download a .pdf file with brief résumés for these and other people connected with the project.

Contact Information - We welcome any questions or comments you may have about our project. Please feel free to contact us, using the form at the bottom of this page.

Or, you can use your regular email client and type in the following email address:

The initiators of the Merrymeeting Bay Pioneers Project include Dr. Bruce J. Bourque (upper left), Dr. Alan R. Bowes (upper right), Fred Koerber (lower left), and Chris Gutscher (lower right). Other individuals are also connected with the project, but are not shown here.

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We would like to thank the Merrymeeting Bay Trust for their generous financial support of our project and Quantum Spatial, Inc. for providing high-resolution LiDAR survey data for our study.  Thanks also go to the Maine Office of GIS for their interest and assistance. Their support has been a tremendous help to us.

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